Specially formulated by professional Alberta hunters, Grim's Monster Mix is the most effective all-natural game attractant for moose, elk, deer and bear ever developed.
With The World's Top Animal Attractant
And Premium All-Natural Hunting Lure.
  • Field tested and proven to draw more animals than
    any other product on the market today.
  • Extremely strong mineral and nutrient formula enables
    you to harvest trophy animals at optimum health.
  • Promotes larger horn growth in Elk, Deer, and Moose.
  • Exclusive Bear Bait blend is both powerful scent lure and a delicious nutrient-rich meal no bear can resist.
  • Allows you to see exactly what animals are in your hunting area and then select the perfect trophy.
  • Simple to use and fast to set up. You can have it
    applied and attracting game in less than one minute.
Join a guided Alberta Pro-
Hunt with the experts who created the best lure ever.
Pro Hunting guides for Mule Deer, Whitetailed Deer, Moose, Elk, Bear, or Predator hunts now available.
"I'm completely floored by the results I get when using Monster Mix and just love this stuff. I've never seen any other attractant work like this before!"
Actual trail footage of a bull moose following his nose directly to our product bucket.
New Videos Added 03/08/10
See the World Record Wolf entry plus many more animals lured by Grim's Monster Mix.
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