Alberta Pro Hunting Guides Bear Pro Hunt
A extremely potent scent lure and an exclusive nutrient base provides bears with a delicious meal that contains all of the vitamins and minerals essential to their diet.
Not only will bears run right to your location, but it promotes bigger, healthier animals with great coats.

Don't be fooled into using any of the common inferior techniques. Grim's is the best way to attract bears on earth. Absolutely guaranteed.

We've taken our regular Monster Mix and added extra all natural attractants specific to luring bears. A special blend of all natural products combined with North Trail Mix and a touch of natural & artificial sweeteners, natural & artificial colors, and natural & artificial flavours create this unique product.

Alberta Pro Hunting Guides Bear Pro Hunt

* For One 60 Day Bucket
  (2 US gallons)

  • Just open the lid and it's ready to use!
  • Place the bucket anywhere and start attracting bears immediately.
  • Re-apply after 60 days or when the bucket is empty.
Our regular Grim's Monster Mix formula for elk, deer or moose.

Pro Hunting Game Lure
Seeing is believing. Actual trail footage of Grim's in action.

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