Alberta Pro Hunting Elk, Deer or Moose Pro Hunt
Extremely powerful, our specially formulated Red Eye blend maximizes each usage to ensure you see every animal in and around your designated hunting ground.

Contains Grim's exclusive mineral feed and superior protein supplement along with our all-natural attractants.

A special blend of all natural products combined with North Trail Mix and a touch of natural & artificial sweeteners, natural & artificial colors, and natural & artificial flavours create this unique product.

Alberta Pro Hunting Elk, Deer or Moose Pro Hunt

* For One 60 Day Bucket
  (2 US gallons)

  • Select an area. Clean off a small patch of vegetation so that the ground is visible.
  • Site size should be 5x5 ft.
  • Pour Grim's Red Eye on the clean area.
  • Starts attracting game immediately.
  • Re-apply after 60 days.
Specially formulated for bears, this is a lure and a bait in one!

Pro Hunting Bear Lure
Seeing is believing. Actual trail footage of Grim's in action.

Pro Hunt Videos & Photos